a photographer, artist, adventurer, wanderer, and thrill seeker.  I'm a big fan of national parks and thrive on nature, and there's nothing I love more than being a storyteller.  Scroll down to view my work and learn more about why I love telling stories. 


As a wedding + elopement photographer, I believe that the images you receive should reflect your story and personality, and I strive to make each image I take as authentic as possible.  I consider myself a storyteller, and will capture your story in a unique and unconventional way to achieve this authenticity and natural look I aim to embody.  I use repeated techniques in camera such as intentional blurs and longer exposures, which help make the images seem less "staged" and more nostalgic.  Shooting with both digital and 35 + 120mm film produces a wide mix of photos I can use for your gallery, and you can bet your ass that I will be including the bloopers — the blurry, out of focus shots nobody thinks they will like but end up loving!!

In the images I create, I combine intimacy with the vastness of nature, often defying the basic rules of photography to get a shot that's a fresh spin on the 90's, and by fresh I mean better quality, but similar style (I'm a 90's kid, so I guess I'm biased).  I often shoot from out-of-the-box perspectives and focus on personal moments to create detailed memories.  I want my images to breathe, to feel lifelike.  However, there's much more to being a wedding and landscape photographer than just taking the photo; there's the planning, the time spent traveling, the editing, and much more, and I actually love all of it.   I especially love to work with you or your planner on a timeline to make it easier on the both of us!  I give a mixture of prompts and dramatic poses during sessions — your photos should be natural and reflect you.  And, if you have pose ideas, even better!  

My home base is Bend, Oregon, but I shoot weddings + elopements throughout the Pacific Northwest, your favorite National Park, and beyond.  I love shooting destination weddings because they usually take me somewhere new, or just somewhere other than where I currently am, and the journey there is always fun.  Most of the weddings I've shot have been in the Midwest, but I've also shot weddings in rural Ireland, North Carolina, Montana, Texas, and Oregon, where I now live.  When I'm not shooting weddings or editing photos, I'm usually out exploring somewhere new or creating another photo series.  You can see some of my personal work in the links above.  I am always here to answer questions and would love to meet over a drink or a hike, whether you're thinking of booking me as your photographer or are simply a fellow creative wanting to make a new friend! 

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Elopement packages starting at $1,500

Wedding Packages starting at $2,250

Engagement and Portrait sessions starting at $350

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